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Fantasy Tennis League 9th season
Create your own virtual team of real-world tennis players.

- Pick 10 WTA players and 10 ATP players.
- Earn points each time your players win matches.
- Trade up to 6 players per week (3 WTA + 3 ATP).
- Invite your friends to join the game.
- Win prizes

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It is with regret that we announce the end of It's been 9 years already since the launch of the first season in 2004. Our goal was to create a free and fun game for tennis fans from all over the world. Not only did we succeed, but we might have built the best Fantasy Tennis League.

Unfortunately, managing a game like this one requires A LOT of time and energy. Too much time and energy to keep going on without making a penny out of it. So unless we quickly find a sponsor for our game, this will be our last update. If you would like to sponsor (and save) this game, please contact us by email at

We hope you had as much fun playing the game as we had managing it.

Jean-Sebastien and Pierre webmasters
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2012 winners
  Team name Country Prize *
WTA+ATP pinkegobox 50$
WTA pinkegobox  
ATP Lilka  

* Gift certificates valid at an online tennis store.

All winners since 2004

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